MdM and Honebu

Today we will visit a place of Art and then we go for a chat to a Greek village, created by Tosha. We meet at HG Hoppers in Craft World. It will be an easy go. Art Blue will play some music during we explore the world of excellent art, the Museo del Metaverso created by Alpha Auer and friends. Alpha Auer and the curator Roxelo Babenco will be with us

Meeting at Futurelab in Metro.Land [The New Metropolis Grid] or at HG HOPPERS in Craft-World.

How to jump to Craft World? Here as an example, created at Francogrid:

Art, Fashion and OpenSim Fest

Join the HG Hoppers on Thursday, March 28, 2019 at 1:00 PM PDT [21:00 CET].

There are two meetings places:

Futurelab at the new Metropolis grid [check the new URL]

HG Hoppers at Craft World

At 1:05 we go to Tryad Destiny to have a look at his artwork.

We made it 🙂

At 1:20 we teleport to Loru Destiny’s Fashion show.

At 1:50 we go to OpenSim Fest where everyone can stay as long as wanted. We meet at our booth for 1Biennale 2020.

Watch out on some deformations. Yes, we speak also about hypergridding and different view experiences.

And if lucky we meet new and old Avatars. Maybe even the oldest one ever, a User with an Unknown UUID?

All right world, …


This message I get by Bluehost when I do a new posting using Gutenberg Blocks, the disruptive technology of WordPress created for the year 2020+. Bluehost, the company hosting millions of WordPress sites, has desersed to be brought into attention that IPSUM MUST DIE.

IPSUM MUST DIE will be published in rez Magazine in April 2019. This posting shows you that you have not to wait so long to get something disruptive to see. It is called “WOMEN IN ART” – a travel in time and history by Xirana Oximoxi.

WOMEN IN ART was disruptive in the middle ages. Virtual Art is disruptive in Modern Times. Hyperjump, to jump from one world to the other is disruptive technology, giving some headaches, not from the point of technology but from legal aspects. DON’T MISS THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28 AT 22:00 CET [GMT 21:00]. We will cross the borders from Metropolis Grid [hosted in Germany] to CRAFT WORLD [run in Sardinia, Italy] – you know you enter EUROPE, right? So there are TOS in border crossings to overcome. Keep your passport ready. You might be asked to click!


See also in

Hypergrid Hoppers On A Catwalk

A group going by the name The Hypergrid Hoppers begins in 2019 on January 17 at 1:00 PM PDT with a full program: An art exhibition — “The Spiral” by SecondHand Tutti, a particle-show around The Spiral by Venus Adored, and a catwalk with native coded Ruth and Roth 2.0 Mesh avatars.

The Hypergrid Hoppers, founded by Art Blue, Juliette SurrealDreaming, Art Eames, WizardOz Chrome and others grid enthusiasts, are renewing the idea of the HG Safari with a change of focus to the arts, immersive technologies, and education. The program will be aired on the new installed Hypergrid Radio, which is a full licenced radio station.

The HG Hoppers have their home in Metropolis grid at Sim Futurelab. From there the travel starts each month. On Thursday, January 17 at 1:00 PM the trip will lead to SecondHand Tutti, who is one of the winners of the 1Biennale, Long-Legged Maskitt Awards. The award is a bronze statue created by the Canadian artist Bryn Oh.  Art Blue will speak on the museal aspects of the installation reflecting the work of Niki de Saint Phalle, which lead to a publication of SH Tutti’s work in the magazine ExpoTime! — the leading museal magazine with 270,000 readers worldwide. For the talk, Art Blue has selected an underlying song by Figure Study, which supports the theme of the talk, “Wait – I look beyond the center.”  While visitors explore SH Tutti’s Spiral, a live music stream will be aired with specially songs chosen by SH Tutti to enhance their experience of her work and for audience listening pleasure. The visitors will climb up The Spiral to the top, where Venus Adored awaits them to perform a light show containing unique elements, like the Spiral Bubbles, that Venus has never used before in a particle show.

The last station brings the Hypergridders back to Futurelab into the dome where in 2017 one of the Snow Crash readings took place. The attendants can take a box of the Ruth and Roth 2.0 full perm open source Mesh avatars including Bento hands and other extras. These Mesh avartars are fully legal. The attaching of clothes happens much faster than on not certified bodies brought in by third parties. The Ruth and Roth 2.0 set is created by Nana Fu and Shin Ingen and provided by Austin Tate of the University of Edinburgh. Juliette has set-up a show of about 10 avatars in a cat-walk-like way.

“The Year of the Cat” will come as Art Blue likes to say for avatars in electronic net being on a catwalk, which refers to “Catenet,” an old name for the Internet. Instead of this reference, you may know the song by Al Stewart:

She comes out of the sun in a silk dress running

Like a watercolor in the rain

Don’t bother asking for explanations

She’ll just tell you that she came

In the year of the cat.

Another link is: “I decided to look for a clue in my profile that might lead me to find out who I really … ‘I am just a cat walking on a keyboard with surprising results’.”

Everyone knowing where this line comes from will receive a gift… a cat on a catwalk, what else?

That’s the recording of the show …

Hop Oct. 4th


The first informal hop happened on Septemer 27, 2018. It was not a big group, just one Gridhopper after the next came, in total about 10 joined the artists present. It is not easy to find out where something special will happen. Nevertheles it was a very nice hop and the Fish by Moewe Winker have been speaking at lot.

Moewe Winkler: Just Talking a bit

The inworld Hypergrid Hoppers groups are now all created. Watch out the postings in facebook.


We will do our long planned get together on September 20, 2018 at Metropolis. Months have passed, a lot of stunning activities have been generated since the last Hypergrid Safari happened. Time to come, time to hop.

Some HOPs are already on the agenda, like the Avatarfest and the visit of the VAR Region O2U [Opensimulator goes Unity].