All right world, …


This message I get by Bluehost when I do a new posting using Gutenberg Blocks, the disruptive technology of WordPress created for the year 2020+. Bluehost, the company hosting millions of WordPress sites, has desersed to be brought into attention that IPSUM MUST DIE.

IPSUM MUST DIE will be published in rez Magazine in April 2019. This posting shows you that you have not to wait so long to get something disruptive to see. It is called “WOMEN IN ART” – a travel in time and history by Xirana Oximoxi.

WOMEN IN ART was disruptive in the middle ages. Virtual Art is disruptive in Modern Times. Hyperjump, to jump from one world to the other is disruptive technology, giving some headaches, not from the point of technology but from legal aspects. DON’T MISS THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28 AT 22:00 CET [GMT 21:00]. We will cross the borders from Metropolis Grid [hosted in Germany] to CRAFT WORLD [run in Sardinia, Italy] – you know you enter EUROPE, right? So there are TOS in border crossings to overcome. Keep your passport ready. You might be asked to click!

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